Homebrew Threw Error

Solution References from stack overflow

Tap the MongoDB Homebrew Tap:

brew tap mongodb/brew

Secondly, install using this command. MongoDB successfully installed

brew install mongodb-community@4.0

You will get the output

==> CaveatsTo have launchd start mongodb/brew/mongodb-community now and restart at login:
brew services start mongodb/brew/mongodb-community
brew services start mongodb/brew/mongodb-community@4.4

It will start it, enjoy!





CheatSheet For me

1] Docker Version

docker — version

2]Docker Status

service docker status

3]Start Docker

service docker start

4]Stop Docker

service docker stop

5]Pull redis image

docker pull redis

6]Run Container

docker run -it -d redis

7]Docker list out all the containers

docker ps

8]Docker list out all the containers stopped and Running

docker ps -a

9]Docker Navigate inside container

docker exec -it container_id bash

10]Stop Container

docker stop contaier_id

11]Kill Container

docker kill container_id

12]Commit Image

docker commit container_id username/image_name

13]Push Image

docker push username/imagename

14]View Image

docker images

15]Docker Remove Container

docker rm container_id

16]Docker Build

docker build -t ImageName .

where . represents if the docker file is present in the current directory