Is It Worth! — My Experience of Using hi Crypto Currency

Is it worth or another hype!

Rishab Batra
4 min readFeb 21, 2022

When I started investing in crypto last year, the broker scammed me. She ran away with my money, and that loss gave me a vital lesson to not make an attachment with materialistic needs.

Fast money is dangerous money — It is scam (Ponzi schemes)

After that, I thought to start with free available coins or participate in airdrops that I tried once or twice and got bored.

So I was reading on medium only, when I found out about hi currency.

Detailed explanation about hi is already explained by Matthew Enubuje

Point to be noted — After Reading the above post

  1. Team is excellent.

Hi was founded by Sean Rach (former CMO of and Stefan Rust (former CEO of in early 2021. The Experience within the team doesn’t end there — the team also has people in Alibaba Group, Morgan Stanley, AIG, and Credit Suisse.

2. Earning is like a pyramid

Earning by referring is like a pyramid scheme only. More members you are referring more money making the potential for you. When users join, they claim one free hi dollar every 24 hours. You also receive an extra 0.5 hi dollars for each person you invite with your unique link after claiming your daily hi dollar.

3. Daily Rewards

You will be getting 1 Hi daily whose value keeps changing; currently, it has lost half its value since I signed in.

4. Waiting period one year

You need to wait till one year to cash out your earnings. I don’t know more about this; I can only tell after withdrawing that amount. Still, I don’t know If any fee or additional charge will be applied over it.

5. On chain Key Recovery

On chain key recovery will end, with people losing their crypto wealth because they forget their private key.

This is my screenshot of earnings as of now; I have only referred to two or three friends:

In the first month, I was trying to get rewards daily, but now the motivation is getting lost when I remember I log in to get the daily rewards. Currently, my value is: 6.8 USD

Is it worth the effort?
Let’s think in terms of clicks I am applying it to daily. If I am not sharing or earning through referrals.

First Click

Let’s do basic Maths

Enter password —

7 to 8 seconds

Second Click

submit button

2 seconds

Third Click —

You will see now question on your screen like feedback or general info —

8 to 10 seconds.

Fourth Click

Click Ok and pop up. You have been rewarded

2 to 3 seconds

Total time spent is equivalent to 23 seconds to get my reward if I do not involve any sort of referrals.

23*40 days (Let’s say you forget 20 days) = 920 seconds which is equivalent to 15.333 minutes, and its value will be close to 8.5 USD(if we take the current price of hi).

Let’s round it to 10USD after the fluctuations, for 15.333 minutes, which is not bad. You are getting close to 40USD in an hour.

Hmm, Not bad!

Worst Case 0 in an hour, if it got disappear. Make a note on this.

But again, this shit requires consistency and 1-year waiting time, the withdrawal process and the fees, and who knows the actual value of this coin in the future.

It’s like ant work. But ants are productive.

And what if ?— If it got disappear like an air balloon in the sky.
And What if can be anything..

But without any investment, the risk is worth taking because it is not a risk. It is just an experiment.

The biggest risk a person can take is to do nothing.

~ Robert T Kiyosaki

Case 2

If you are referring to your friend It will take time to inbox them one by one. But if you gonna post on the telegram channel, it will bring more leads for you in less time. I haven’t tried this. I have never created a telegram channel. Again you can do your Maths according to your target.

And on a public platform like this, the sky is the limit.

Now you got your hi, whose current value is 0.2116 dollars. When I started this, it was around 0.8 USD. And when It was launched, its value was over 1 USD.


They say The price of hi could compound itself 100 times over once hi reaches its goal of 1 billion users. Possibly by 2025. That is the story of every crypto coin these days.

Create a hype, and no one knows what will happen next?

  • *This is not financial advice. Always do your research.

If you still want to join —

Its time to add my hi referral. If you are considering then you can use my referral. And thank you for reading,(you can simply type rish121 on hi app)

Note — This post contains one referral link for hi currency.

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