Solar chakra(Manipura) — Getting Sensitive Again

Control your sun and balance with the moon(feminine)

Manipura translates from Sanskrit as “city of jewels.” This chakra governs personality, ego, identity, personal freedom, choice, authenticity, and independence.

The color yellow usually represents Manipura.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Manipura is the Sanskrit name for the chakra located in the area of the solar plexus above the navel. The name Manipura comes from the Sanskrit mani meaning “gem,” and “pura,” meaning “city.” So, it is often translated literally as the “city of jewels,” which helps us metaphorically think of this chakra as our personal treasure center of power and well-being. It is also believed to have a magnetic effect, attracting prana from the universe to ourselves. Yogic teachings say that this chakra gives us a clear sense of who we are and our purpose.

For me, it seems I am getting upgrades from above the universe.

So, when the solar chakra is on fire, you can feel it inside your body.

1) Tingling and burning in your body, especially down your extremities.

2) Too much bloating. Stomach issues belching and burping(chamber of gas it becomes) on eating anything. Even on that day, I could not digest the lightest of food on this planet available. (Loose stomach)

3) It reminds me I haven’t used my throat chakra. All chakras are linked, but when the solar chakra is on fire, that is the most challenging day to survive.

How to cope with it?

1) Rest and Relax.

2) Stay away from anxiety.

3) Do some small light-spreading activities.

4) Try drinking fluids.

5) Avoid sugar. It can make your system numb and dumb. My immune system collapses for 8 to 9 hrs if I eat anything that involves sugar.

6) Take a Bath whenever required

7) Seven chakra meditation to keep in a flow state. Test and try different healing meditations of different frequencies.

8) Another way to bring the solar plexus chakra (Manipura) chakra into balance is to use yellow gemstones or wear yellow clothes. Being in the sunshine is also believed to affect this chakra positively.

9) You can try some ayurvedic recipes like cumin seeds are great when taken with boiled water for stomach-related issues. Allopathy should only be a last option for emergencies only.

10) Alone time and rejuvenate.

11) Slow down and get in touch with your feminine side. Since the sun is overactive. Anger and aggression should be taken care of.

11) In the end, strong boundaries since you are already down.

Let me know in the comments section if anyone else has some other approaches.

The author writes about entrepreneurship, technology, creative poems while traveling, healing, and spirituality. MPP is not available here, but the author will keep writing here. The world needs more healing than tech and stack. It seems to me right now, so many people are wounded from inside.

If anyone is healing you can check Diana C. has publication for healing.It has some great stories.




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